The Inclusive Business Agenda, supported by the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA, formulates a strategic research, innovation and action agenda for engaging Swedish organisations with the BoP.


The Agenda seeks to address the needs of the BoP along with the significant potential for economic growth in Sweden by “co-creating inclusive business models for mutual benefit”. A vision has been set that by 2020, Swedish business is playing a leading role in addressing the global challenges of poverty – enhancing agricultural productivity, enabling access to energy, water, sanitation, healthcare and communications, improving environmental sustainability, and creating jobs both at home and abroad. This is all being done profitably.

Furthermore the Agenda has identified 6 sectors that were considered to have great potential for Swedish capability to meet the needs of the BoP. These sectors include energy, healthcare, agriculture and forestry, water and sanitation, ICT and textiles and clothing. Key actors from each of these sectors have collaboratively set aspirational ambitions for what could be achieved by Sweden by 2030:

  • Energy – Enable green energy access through inclusive business models for 300 million people
  • Healthcare – 30% of Swedish healthcare companies address at least 10 significant healthcare challenges in developing countries
  • Agriculture and Forestry – Collaborate to improve the efficiency and income of 10 million smallholders while enabling associated processing and supply chains
  • Water and Sanitation – Partner to provide access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to 100 million people at the BoP
  • ICT – Co-creating a comprehensive set of ICT solutions in 30 developing countries benefiting and empowering 100 million people
  • Textiles and Clothing – 20% of global sales volume for the Swedish textiles and clothing sector involve inclusive business models in the value chain

girls at computerIn addition, the Agenda recommends the implementation of a supportive framework for for knowledge, innovation, networking and support.

The agenda can be downloaded here.

Currently, we are developing a 3-year plan to implement an Inclusive Business Co-creation Accelerator, in cooperation with LU Open Innovation Centre and SP – Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut. This initiative has commenced in January 2015.

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