At Inclusive Business Sweden, we believe in collaboration – no one can tackle the many challenges of poverty by themselves. On the contrary – we can achieve greater things, reach more people and create bigger impact through working together. Inclusive Business Sweden therefore welcomes members to our organisation at any time. Membership is open to all Swedish organisations and comes with a range of benefits. If your organisation is based outside of Sweden, you can opt to become a partner in order to collaborate with us. Please contact us for more information.

To become a member of Inclusive Business Sweden, please fill out our membership application form.

Annual membership fees

2000 SEK for organisations with 0-2 employees

4000 SEK for organisations with 3-9 employees

10 000 SEK for organisations with 10-49 employees

20 000 SEK for organisations with more than 50 employees

Please note that membership applications submitted before June 30 will apply to the current financial year, while applications submitted post June 30 will apply to the current and following financial year.

Valued members, partners & clients