The challenge: About one in every eight people on Earth do not eat enough to be healthy while 2 billion people rely on smallholder farmers to sustain their livelihoods 

Smallholders (small-scale farmers, pastoralists, forest keepers and fishers) manage 80% of the farmland in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, and provide up to 80% of the supply in these regions. At the same time, global consumption of food and beverages at the BoP exceeds $3.7 trillion. Agricultural activities in developing markets also play a key role in the supply chains serving developed markets. Furthermore, with environmental challenges and resource limitations, meeting the growing global demand for food and other agricultural outputs will become increasingly challenging. To meet this challenge, innovations and inclusive business models can help to support smallholder farmers and larger-scale agricultural activities produce in a more productive manner.

Our ambition by 2030…

End hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable food systems for 10 million smallholders


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