is a specialized company from Sarajevo offering marketing support in the form of an online platform to promote agricultural producers, in order to make their domestic products simpler and easier to place on the local market. was selected to be part of Sida’s Challenge2Change in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) fund with the project Homemade food on your plate!

Mr. Nermin Nadarević told us the story on how after a year of existence of the Farmer.baidea, they were recognized by their fellow citizens who often contacted them and asked how to buy homemade honey, jams or figs directly from local producer without intermediaries. This was precisely the reaction they were looking for and started redefining their business idea and preparing a new web platform that provided the possibility of direct ordering to any address in BiH. This platform allowed their clients/farmers to have the opportunity to create their own e-shop, through which they could present and sell their own products.

Many people in BiH are growing food for both self-consumption and for sale. However, sometimes it is very difficult to find the time to do both the growing and the selling. At the same time, today’s accelerated tempo of life often leaves little time for consumers to buy directly from producers. is a place that offers the promotion of locally grown products in a very simple way. By creating a database of food manufacturers, we have information about what is being produced in BiH, as well as what is needed by certain manufacturers to make their products. By updating the database daily, we quickly find out for the consumer where they can buy locally grown figs, dried fruit, healthy peppers, potatoes, homemade juices, honey and other product in BiH.

There are currently 125 registered agricultural producers on the portal. What is interesting is that besides the producer, several other actors who are directly or indirectly in business relations with farmers (microcredit organizations, producers and distributors of agricultural equipment, etc.) are also registered on the portal. Through the Homemade food on your plate! project, it is now planned to directly promote 30 women selling certain agricultural products. So, in the forthcoming period, registered farmers will be able to sell products directly from their fields or gardens to any address in BiH. With a unique way of opening an e-shop for each individual domestic food producer, citizens will be able to choose and directly order products to their home address.



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