Inclusive Business Sweden has become a Partner of the UNEP’s 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme.

The SFS Programme is a multi-stakeholder initiative to10-yfp-sfs-scheme accelerate the shift towards more sustainable food systems. The SFS Programme aims to promote sustainability all along the food value chain, from farm to fork. It does so through concrete activities including in the areas of awareness raising, capacity development, facilitating access to knowledge and information, and strengthening partnerships. The Programme brings together existing initiatives and partnerships working in related areas, highlighting good practices and success stories, and builds synergies as well as cooperation among stakeholders to leverage resources towards mutual objectives and minimize duplication of ongoing efforts.

Are you interested in sustainable consumption and production and want to know more about how Inclusive Business Sweden is working in this space? Please feel free to contact us at

Download the Sustainable Food Systems Programme’s brochure here.

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