Inclusive Business Sweden will join forces with SNV and BoPInc to implement Innovations Against Poverty – dsc_0190Phase II (IAP2), a project aiming to stimulate the private sector to focus efforts, innovation and resources on developing services, products and systems that contribute to poverty alleviation. The Sida-funded programme allocates a €7.4 million-fund over a four-year period, with the aim to enhance and enable social innovation in four focus countries: Cambodia, Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia.

The IAP2 programme has two main objectives:

  • Improved growth opportunities and access to markets for inclusive businesses (sustainable businesses that benefit low-income communities)
  • Improved delivery of goods and services for the BoP population

At Inclusive Business Sweden, we are proud and excited to be part of the programme, and very much look forward to kick-start its implementation. More information is to come in due course; meanwhile, more information can be found on the SNV website.

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