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We are happy to announce that the new global platform Inclusive Business Accelerator has been launched, facilitating entrepreneurs to connect with investors and mentors to create inclusive business models. Acceleration of inclusive business models at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) markets will be achieved through support of investment-ready inclusive business plans that improve the welfare of people at the BoP.

As a starting point, the Inclusive Business Accelerator focuses on the sectors Agriculture & Food, Water & Sanitation, and Sustainable Energy. These sectors have been identified as the most high-potential in terms of positive impact, and as businesses are increasingly recognised as essential in helping to solve development issues – such as lack of nutritious food, access to safe water as well as reliable sources of energy, the platform surely fills a gap in connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors and mentors.

Through global, local, online and commercial components the Inclusive Business Accelerator creates a supporting structure that makes high-impact businesses innovate, grow, replicate and improve their inclusive business strategy. By a global network the platform can create market intelligence, strategic scoping activities and impact coalitions that can improve the enabling environments for establishment of inclusive business models. Local platforms, currently in Uganda, Mozambique and Vietnam, offer advisory services that help to identify, incubate and accelerate inclusive business plans and entrepreneurial ideas aiming to solve development challenges at the BoP. The online module connects social innovators, business coaches, impact investors and business to each other and facilitates beneficial partnerships. The commercial part allows impact investors to provide funds to promising business ideas.

Inclusive Business Sweden is very proud and excited to be a partner of this important platform and hopes for a fruitful partnership where many new inclusive business models can be created!

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