Henrik Aronsson from OlsAro Biotech AB shows their research in salt tolerant crops varieties

Last week Inclusive Business Sweden facilitated a meeting between a group of social innovators and the Swedish Ambassador to Bangladesh, Johan Frisell. Represented were OlsAro Biotech AB and Juteborg AB, both start-ups from Sweden with ambitions to begin operations in Bangladesh.

Olof Olsson and Henrik Aronsson from OlsAro presented their research in salt tolerant wheat and showed current experiments in breeding techniques, where they develop crop varieties adapted to salinity soils. Christina Östergren and Josefin Lassbo from Juteborg described their discovery of jute and the idea to make the sustainable material more present in the textile and construction industry. Both companies have earlier experience from Bangladesh, where soil are severely affected by salt resulting in difficulties in food production and where jute is primarily grown. The Swedish Ambassador to Bangladesh provided both enterprises with support and advice of how they can proceed with their operations. At Inclusive Business Sweden, we are looking forward to seeing these companies develop to create new inclusive business models aimed for the Bangladeshi and international market!

Swedish Ambassador Johan Frisell together with Josefin Lassbo and Christina Östergren from Juteborg AB, demonstrating jeans made of a mix of jute and cotton



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