This week, our CEO Mike Debelak went to Mumbai, India to help facilitate a pioneering innovation programme “Emerging Market Innovation Camps”. This programme, sponsored by Nordic Innovation, provides a platform for Nordic companies to innovate and create green-tech energy and water solutions for the Indian market.DSC_9790
During the one-week camp, participants have visited Mumbai slums to identify local needs, made field trips to social and green-tech businesses, and met with a range of companies, government, NGOs, investors and entrepreneurs. In addition, internal working sessions have allowed participants to share ideas with their peers and work on the development of innovative business models. The week will conclude with participants presenting their business models to an expert jury who will provide input and feedback.
The in on-ground innovation and co-creation process has led to some interesting insights on what business models could work in the high potential, yet highly challenging, Indian market. We look forward to seeing how these companies take this forward!

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