VinnovaWe are very happy to announce that Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, has agreed to fund Inclusive Business Sweden for the development of an ´Inclusive Business Agenda´ – a strategic research, innovation and action agenda for engaging Swedish organisations with the needs and opportunities of the “Base of the Pyramid” (BoP). The initiative commenced in December 2013, will run until June 2014, and is open for participation by companies as well as other organisations and institutes.

Specific goals include:

  1. Scope a national inclusive business agenda based on matching the needs of the BoP with the core capabilities of Swedish organisations
  2. Map key opportunities and challenges in working with the BoP
  3. Develop an actionable strategy, roadmap and specific activities for collaborative innovation and research

The initiative will design a proposed programme, roadmap and options for collaborative efforts on inclusive business activities including specific research and innovation activities, appropriate forums for co-operation and mechanisms for ongoing collaboration. The broad approach is illustrated below:

IBA approach

We encourage all types of organisations to become involved. The agenda will provide a platform for applying for a Vinnova-funded programme for collaborative actions on inclusive business across Sweden. More information (in Swedish) about the initiative can be found at the Vinnova website here. Or if you wish to be involved in this exciting initiative, please feel free to register your interest by e-mailing us at

We are very excited about the opportunity to create a collaborative approach to inclusive business in Sweden!

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